Friday, February 29, 2008

Big Ol' scary Guns

I read this article in the Mohave Daily News this morning:

KINGMAN - Several state senators want a bill passed that allows college students to carry guns on campuses.

The article focused on opposition to the bill. Not very balanced journalism.

Mohave County District 2 Sup. Tom Sockwell of Bullhead City said other alternatives should be looked at before going to the extreme of allowing guns on campuses. Teachers in elementary and secondary schools should learn to identify strange behaviors in problem students, such as those who cannot make friends, before there is a shooting incident.

So Tom thinks it's "extreme" to "allow" victims the means to defend themselves. Implicit in the word "allow" is that our masters decide what is good for us little people. Since the news article doesn't give us Tom's exact quote, we don't know what slant the reporter put on it. Sloppy reporting. And what should we make of teachers identifying "strange behaviors in problem students"? What Carpenter sees is a whole lot more drugs passed out to children and parents being hauled in to 'splain why their kids don't have more friends.

District 1 Sup. Pete Byers, who is retiring from the county board this year, said he supports the right to bear arms. However, he said police officers arriving at a scene of a shooting incident on a campus would not know who the “bad guys” are and who the innocent people are and may shoot at the wrong person.

The police may be confused, but you can bet the victims know exactly who the "bad guys" are. Remember Columbine? The police didn't go into the school for almost 3 hours. A gun-packing potential victim would probably be glad to save the police some work.

“We certainly support a citizens' right to legally carry a concealed weapon. However, we do not feel that allowing the concealed carry of a firearm on school campuses is a safe decision,” Bullhead City Deputy Chief of Police Brian Williamson said. “School violence situations are hectic
, chaotic events that provide extraordinary challenges to responding law enforcement officers. Adding more unidentified people carrying guns and possibly engaging in the exchange of gunfire with a suspect may only further confuse the situation and add to the danger for all involved.”

First, would the Virginia Tech massacre have made the front page if a gun-toting student had busted a cap up that little creep's ass? Would that have added to the danger or lessened it? And since a concealed weapon requires a permit, Brian Williamson is all about supporting our right to permission. Huh? If it's a right, why do we need permission?

Williamson said another issue is one of general safety. There may be increased incidents of people leaving weapons unattended in backpacks, briefcases and purses to be picked up by a child or someone unfamiliar with its operation.

Oh, the careless citizens. If we allowed them to pack heat, they'd leave their Glocks laying around everywhere, and children and people "unfamiliar with its operation" would become familiar. Bodies strewn everywhere! Save us, Mr. Po-lice Man.

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