Tuesday, March 25, 2008

How to Build a House

As we approach the hurricane and tornado season, I have a prediction. This year lots of people will lose their homes to storms. Then they'll ask the government to buy them the same type of home to put in the path of next year's hurricanes and tornadoes. And nobody will laugh at that.
Your home should be able to withstand common or uncommon weather events. It should keep you cool when the sun is hot, warm when a chilly north wind and clouds hide the sun's warmth. Your home should never be in danger of floods, lightning, earthquakes, or winds. Remember the story of the Three Little Pigs and how they discovered the suitability of different housing construction methods?
Some other considerations are:
Affordability--If you're just scraping by after paying the mortgage and electric bill, then you screwed up. Your home should be comfortable in all ways.
One with Nature--Your home should not drive indigenous life away. You can share your land with critters even if you don't invite them inside your home. But they need cover, something that tile roofs, lawns and asphalt streets don't provide.
Low maintenance--If you have to work all weekend to maintain your home, it's not a very restful place. Number one on the hit list is lawns. Why in the world would anyone want a damn lawn that needs constant mowing, fertilizing and watering?
Quiet--The world is loud. Your home should be serene and restful.

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