Sunday, April 6, 2008

How To Install An Island Cabinet

First thing is to lay out where you want the cabinet and where to put the vac-pan in the toe kick space. The vac-pan is activated by foot. You just sweep floor dirt to it and it sucks the stuff into the central vacuum.
I like to use blue painter's tape to draw layout lines. It's easier to peel up tape than to clean pencil marks off floor tile.
You need a way to fasten the island cabinet to the floor. For this install I'll fasten two plywood squares to the floor with Tapcons. I love Tapcons. Since the structure of our house is concrete, we've used a ton of these fasteners. The beauty part is that if you make a mistake, you can just unscrew and start over. Glue and nails are tough to undo.
I looked at the cheesy bottoms of our two island cabinets and said, "No, no, no." Way too flimsy.
Does this crappy little connector inspire confidence? Hell, no!
I'll start the modification by gently taking off the cheesy toe kick on the cabinets.
Here I've rebuilt the toe kick with some 3/4" form plywood I had laying out in the yard.
I've joined the two cabinets together and I'll tip them up and over the plywood squares on the floor for a test fit.
This is a close-up on the vac-pan. It's one of the coolest inventions ever.
The cabinets are tipped up. Now I'll screw the cabinet bottom to the plywood squares (after checking for level). There's more work to be done on all the cabinets, like applying the toe kick skins and scribe mold, and putting the plywood tops on the cabinets for the granite countertops. Tomorrow.

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