Saturday, April 5, 2008

Trench Time

Thomas starts the trench where we'll run the phone, satellite, irrigation water and irrigation timer conduits. When I say irrigation, I mean for the sparse desert plants we'll have in the landscape area inside the loop of our driveway. Since this is the desert, I don't think it's right to plant a water-guzzling lawn or to imitate a Michigan forest. We will plant two or three desert trees, like mesquite, palo verde, and shoestring acacia, for the birdies. All our choices for the smaller plants will be made with critters in mind--we humans aren't the only species on the planet and I like to encourage all life. Even rattlesnakes and scorpions are welcome at the Underground Carpenter Mega-Complex, just not inside the house.
This is Thomas, the best backhoe operator in Arizona. I call his machine a Swiss Army Backhoe, because he can do anything with it. He has loaded and unloaded trucks for us with the forklift tines attachment for his front bucket and his machine has doubled as a crane too.
The phone line conduit will branch off at a 45 degree angle. The water, timer and satellite conduits are a straight shot.
Oops! We hit the temporary water line that supplies our construction residence, a single-wide mobile home. This water line will be abandoned in another month or two when we get rid of the mobile home.
Thomas is tidying up our driveway. We need a smooth exit road for the mobile home.

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