Thursday, May 8, 2008

A Milestone

Wednesday we moved the water system equipment into the garage. It's been out in the weather for two years now, so we thought we'd put it in the garage to protect it from blowing sand, extreme temperatures, sunlight, etc... This is a picture of the electrical equipment that controls our water system. The box on the left is a relay to power the submersible pump which is almost 500 feet down in the ground. The box on the right is the constant-pressure controller. Its job is to transform single-phase power to 3-phase, to power the pressure pump inside the water tank. The pressure pump only comes on when there is demand, and it is variable, keeping our water pressure at a steady 50 psi. Notice all the cool toroids in the high-tech Subdrive 75 constant pressure controller.
The disassembly operation. Clockwise from bottom: Jim disconnects the wiring to the controller, Gary helps lift out the constant pressure pump, Bill is pulling the pump out, and Jim stands ready to receive the pump. Jim and Gary are G&H Electric electricians, and Bill and Jim are Hacking Plumbing plumbers. Two fine companies working together like a well-oiled machine. Clockwork, smooth and by the numbers.
Gary(left) and Jim(right) mount the pump controls on their new home, a plywood panel inside the garage. Behind them is the new 1550-gallon water tank, which is on a special circular concrete pad.
Bill(left) and Jim(right) lower the constant-pressure pump into the new water tank. We had to clean it up a bit. It had a coating of clay sand on it.
The big white pipe is how the water gets from the well to the garage tank. The two grey conduits are power to the submersible and a convenience outlet at the well. Where the white PVC water pipe comes out of the ground I painted it and then wrapped insulation around it. That should protect it from the sun's rays and the occasional winter freeze. Where we're at in the Mojave Desert it has only dipped to freezing 10 times in the last 50 years, but you never know with the possible global climate changes.

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