Friday, May 2, 2008

Underground Plumbing

Here's Mike from Hacking Plumbing installing a toilet in the shop bathroom.
Mike is installing the water heater and recirculating pump(for instant-on hot water). Notice he carefully shields his work area from soldering splatters and paste flux blobs.
This is the utility room sink, set but not finished yet. We had to take off the countertop and set it over the upside-down sink to put on the clips that hold it in. Then we set the countertop/sink back on the cabinet.
This is one of the two utility sinks in Mrs. Carpenter's shop.
A pic of the shop bathroom. The water supply is not hooked up yet, so the bathroom isn't functional yet. Also, I haven't yet installed towel bars and TP holders.
This is Bill uncrating the toilet for the guest bathroom. Bill started at the other end of the house from Mike.
This is a wax ring. Moments later, Bill put the toilet down over it, smooshing it down and ensuring a tight seal to the pipe below.

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