Sunday, June 29, 2008

Good 'Toons

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Our Director of Security

Meet Ralph, our director of security. Here he scans our property from atop his observation platform. When the hot desert sun heats up, Ralph goes in his private entrance and patrols the inside of the Mega-Complex.
Here's your friendly neighborhood Underground Carpenter helping the security director with his weekly bath. This is Ralph's own private bathtub.
Ralph is chewing on a treat here, just after finishing his weekly bath.

Home Sweet Underground Home

Our house is longer than a summer day, so it's tough to get it all in one picture. We still need to landscape the center of the turnaround drive and build the retainer wall on the other side of the driveway. Probably this winter.
Notice the weeds growing on the roof. That's Mother Nature's first step in landscaping our roof. The really cool part of natural landscaping is that Mother Nature is cheaper and faster than local contractors. In 20 years or so, our roof will match the surrounding pristine desert.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas!

Underground Carpenter is back to work at the 1 billion dollar Caesar's Palace expansion project. The prestige alone of working at Caesar's Palace can't be measured in money, but the hefty union paychecks will ensure that Mr. & Mrs. UC will not starve. Ralph, our director of security here at the Underground Carpenter Mega-Complex, will also eat well.
These cheery souls, Carlos(left), Wes(center), and Renee(right), are the carpenters I work alongside.
Wes took this picture.
Behind the fence is the pool area, which will be expanded in this project. In the upper right of this picture, the Flamingo is in the background.
The deep hole is the start of an elevator. Notice the tunnel, one of many that run underneath most of the hotels in Vegas. The tunnels allow the flow of food, beverages, and service personnel.
Background left shows the Bellagio, one of the prettiest hotels in Vegas. Background right shows part of the $8 billion City Center project.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Move 'Em Out!

A shining day! The mobile home that Mrs UC and I have lived in while building our dream home is no longer needed, so away it goes to its new owner in Needles, California.
Backing out the narrow driveway was tricky.
It took a bit of doing to get the mobile home backed out onto the road.
This final turn was the tightest.

Here's a view of the Underground Carpenter Mega-Complex, unadorned by the mobile home.

Granite Is Still Killing Us

Roberto mixes epoxy to glue together the cap piece on the pony wall at the kitchen sink.
Roberto (left) adjusts the two cap pieces while Steve (right) controls the suction cup adjuster machine.
Top view of the suction cup adjuster machine. It not only pulls the two pieces together, it also keeps the top aligned by using the two cam handles. Roberto gently scraped out the excess epoxy with a razor blade.
Here's the finished cap. Roberto is in the background, working on a backsplash piece.


Here's Dave and Miguel unrolling carpet. I layed out the sheets of plywood to give them a clean, semi-flat place to cut the carpet.
Dave is ironing the seams. When he was done, you couldn't tell where the seams were.
Miguel went around the edges and cut and pushed down the carpet. He has some special tools to stretch the carpet and get it to lay flat.


The friendly folks at JackPots have been servicing our potty for over two years. We had a nice, clean unit and timely service. Now that our house is mostly done (at least all the toilets work just fine), we canceled the weekly service.
I didn't get this puppy's name, but he's a real sweetie-pie.