Saturday, June 21, 2008

Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas!

Underground Carpenter is back to work at the 1 billion dollar Caesar's Palace expansion project. The prestige alone of working at Caesar's Palace can't be measured in money, but the hefty union paychecks will ensure that Mr. & Mrs. UC will not starve. Ralph, our director of security here at the Underground Carpenter Mega-Complex, will also eat well.
These cheery souls, Carlos(left), Wes(center), and Renee(right), are the carpenters I work alongside.
Wes took this picture.
Behind the fence is the pool area, which will be expanded in this project. In the upper right of this picture, the Flamingo is in the background.
The deep hole is the start of an elevator. Notice the tunnel, one of many that run underneath most of the hotels in Vegas. The tunnels allow the flow of food, beverages, and service personnel.
Background left shows the Bellagio, one of the prettiest hotels in Vegas. Background right shows part of the $8 billion City Center project.

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