Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Big Remodel

Here's the new chopsaw that Mrs. UC bought for me. Sweet! Notice how considerate the people at Ryobi are. They put little stickers all over this saw to remind me not to stick my hand in the whirling blade. Click on the picture to enlarge.
Here we're glueing "skins" on the sides of the new cabinets before hanging them in the kitchen. We weren't happy with the wall cabinets we hung first, so we're replacing all of them. The original wall cabinets will be placed in different areas of the house. Nothing will be wasted.
We had three fluorescent lights on the computer room ceiling. We removed the middle one and put this fan in its place. Mrs. UC and I like ceiling fans. Even Ralph, our director of security, approves.
Jim and Gary, our electricians, have finished the changes in wiring and switches we needed for our kitchen remodel. I have a little drywall patching to do.


  1. Sigh. I remember when the best manufacturers of powertools were American. Nowdays... all my good power tools (as vs. cheap Wal-mart crap) are Makita.

    - Badtux the Reminiscing Penguin

  2. Hi BadTux,
    Well, at least this Ryobi chopsaw was made in Taiwan, instead of mainland China. Remember when we used to complain that everything was made in Japan? Now you can't find Japanese products. I wonder if their economy is in the toilet too?



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