Sunday, August 17, 2008

Caesar's Palace Expansion

This is how we locate utilities before major excavating or drilling operations. Jason with Tab is operating this trackhoe.
Here Jason scratches around slowly to locate a 42 inch sewer main.
This part of the sewer main had to be uncovered when, despite our best efforts to locate it, we drilled into it. The repair for this was at least $100,000 and sewage had to be diverted over the weekend until the repair was completed. Litigation is ongoing.
These are the rebar "cages" that go in the drilled piles. The piles on this job are 30-84 feet deep, and the entire structure is supported on them.
Here's a pile being filled with concrete. The concrete has to be placed with the long snout on this boom pump.
A truss being swung into place by the crane. When it is positioned correctly it gets fastened with bolts to the columns.
This is one of the short trusses. Some of the monster trusses will have to be swung in with two cranes.
Here another truss has been fastened into place.

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