Sunday, September 7, 2008

B.B. King in Laughlin Concert

Mrs. UC and I went to a concert last night in Laughlin, Nevada. B.B. King performed at Harrah's. The weather was perfect, warm and calm. Here's some observations about the concert.
Entertainers seem to require audience participation. I would prefer to quietly listen to the music, but was encouraged by B.B. to hoot, holler, clap and whistle every ten seconds. While I certainly think applause is appropriate for a long solo, all else is irritating.
Now for the audience. Is it impossible for a human being to sit still for 1-1/2 hours? Sadly, yes. The fat young woman in front of us was constantly looking around at the crowd and fiddle-farting with her damn hat. A fellow in the next row over would stand up every minute and holler adorations, blocking the view of the people in back of him. And Mrs. UC and I both had fat, elbowy people encroaching on our seats. Neither of us likes to duck elbows, and avoiding skin contact with strangers detracts from enjoyment of the show. And then there's beer breath, bad breath, body odor, and horrid colognes. Am I overly sensitive?
The crowd at this show was mostly old people. B.B. King is one week shy of his 83rd birthday, and he sat in a chair for the entire performance. He rocked, so I admire him. As for his 50-70 year-old fans, what a bunch of fatsos. They limped, waddled and rolled into the amphitheatre on crutches, canes and wheelchairs. One woman, a 350+ pounder, rolled in on a wheelchair and then went up our aisle and down the next in her slow, confused search for her assigned seat. As she slowly shuffled sideways and tottered in front of me, I prayed she would keep moving. If she were to fall back on me, I would have been pinned and crushed to death. So yes, America, you are FAT.
As for the show, B.B. King rocks, and his band is a superb bunch of musicians.

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