Sunday, April 19, 2009

Our Director of Security

This is Ralph, our Director of Security here at the Underground Carpenter Mega-Complex. He's taking a quick nap after a particularly difficult anti-terrorist training session.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Springs Preserve in Las Vegas, Nevada

This is the covered parking at the Springs Reserve in Las Vegas. Notice the solar panels. What a cool idea! Click on any of these pictures to make them bigger.
This is the support for the cover. It's tube steel (hollow and square) and it's unpainted so it's rusting beautifully.
This is one of the tube steel trellis's. Kinda' looks like a gun turret, doesn't it? I'm thinking front entry trellis for the Underground Carpenter Mega-Complex.
Here's another tube steel trellis. This one is painted. I like the look of the rusting steel, myself.
This trellis is made of I-beams, C-channel and Angle steel. I like the look of the tube steel better.
Another tube steel trellis. Carpenter reveres this look.