Sunday, May 10, 2009

Bailout Questions

What determines whether a business is "too big to fail"? How do we, as tax-payers, judge whether or not the bailouts are working? Does anyone really know what would happen if these too-big-to-fail businesses failed? The Federal Reserve (a private bank) was created and given a monopoly over our money supply to "even out the business cycles" and prevent money shortages in banks. Why isn't anyone laughing?


  1. It stinks. Now the banks are bitching because with all the unemployment and foreclosures, people aren't paying their credit card bills. So they will get another hit. Well, you loaned it to them,cupcake--suck it up: you are BANKS. I cannot begin to express my disgust with these jerks. Karma will deal them a mighty hand.

  2. Hi EOTR,
    It's a great sadness that Americans always know what to think. It would be nice if they knew HOW to think. If only people would see the connection between wars, bailouts and inflation, and their own declining standard of living.
    I love your blog. I read every one of your posts.



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