Saturday, November 28, 2009

Land of the Free

 I, Underground Carpenter, have counted more than a half-century of years. I have lived, loved, laughed, worked hard and briefly touched the hem of wealth, enjoyed success and wept over bitter failure. One thing I have never in my life tasted is freedom. Living in America, the very land of the free, how can I say that? As lightly as my chains hang, they do indeed hinder my movement. To set myself on the simplest of paths requires permission from hordes and legions of people hidden behind barricades, bollards, security gates, and whole armies of protection. I don't consider these people my betters, and I certainly wouldn't want them as neighbors.
Most Americans would be aghast at the thought of abolishing government--not just replacing, but abolishing completely. However would we tax, harry and oppress, not just Americans but the entire world? I could say that government is not "efficient", that the free market would give us the highest prosperity and happiness. That would be a losing argument, and pointless. L. Neil Smith said it best--people that have to be talked into freedom don't deserve it.

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