Monday, December 14, 2009

Old Testament Government

I have a hard time understanding why anyone could think government is a good thing. I think government is just a different kind of belief, a religion.
Religionists come in all stripes. Some are lukewarm on the concept. Some are Fire-and-Brimstone, Old Testament(or Koran), Wrath-of-God Believers. Even Atheists are a variant of Religionism. How can you be against something you don't believe in? If this is possible, then why don't we have Anti-Bigfooters and Anti-Nessies? Agnostic is a term that offends me. I prefer Non-believer. I try not to have any beliefs, but I'll listen to anyone, time permitting. I keep a frame-of-mind that says, "Well, maybe."
I've called myself an Anarchist, but I've never felt comfortable with the term. I'm more a Non-Archist. I'm not against Government. I think everyone should be able to hold any belief they want, as long as they hold it to themselves. If you use threat of force to "convince" others to accept or obey your beliefs, you cross a line between thought and action. And have you ever noticed that when two people argue, the louder one is usually wrong?

Get to the point, UC. OK, OK, OK.

Most people, when asked, will tell you they believe in government. It's just that, well, it's not working out. So the first thing most believers of government will advocate is More Laws. Or stick to the Constitution(Old Testament). Or tax the rich. Problem #1 is that all laws have unintended consequences that are usually worse than the problem they intended to solve. Problem #2 is that most laws are "positive"--they force you to do something you'd rather not. That pisses people off a lot more than a "negative" law that just expects you to refrain from doing something.
The Constitution was a clever attempt to reconcile people's belief in government with the glaring problem of its atrocities. The big problem with the Constitution is that all the "thou shalt nots" are directed, not to people, but to a concept--the concept of government. Since only a person can be punished, government can do pretty much whatever it wants. Pay no attention to that government behind the curtain.

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