Thursday, January 14, 2010

Forge of the Elders

Your life has only one purpose, my dear, to be lived as you wish. Beware anyone who claims otherwise; the mystic, the altruist, the collectivist. One life isn't enough for him; he wants to live his own, and yours as well.

Welfare payments drain your moral and economic vitality, so you approve more welfare. Criminal laws create crime where none existed previously, so you pass more laws. You defend yourselves from a tyranny you fear some foreign power may impose upon you, by imposing worse upon yourselves, then wonder why your freedom has evaporated.

L. Neil Smith, Forge of the Elders

I just finished reading L. Neil Smith's Forge of the Elders. Good read about sapient squids and mollusks on an asteroid. (You had to be there.)

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