Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The World--One Big Blue Screen Of Death

Bill Gates Warns Of Dystopian Future

Bill Gates said he fears Earth might become a post-industrial wasteland plagued by heat, chronic food and energy shortages, and rampant disease unless governments and private organizations invest more time and money solving what the Microsoft chairman believes are the world's most pressing problems. Link.

Here's a comment from Smithwill, an astute reader:

I'm a Microsoft user since the about 1990. The idea of Dystopian future, according to Billy Gates, is laughable considering that I've been experiencing this reality since 1990. Dehumanized? You betcha! The lack of choice is definitely dehumanizing. Blue Screen of Death? #%$)!@ is all I can say after having lost countless documents and work-in-progress due to one of Microsoft's random failures. Fearful? Let's not forget the millions of vulnerabilities and weekly Windows updates that slam onto my hard drive because Billy Gates and Stevie Balmer care about me and my life. Dystopian reality as defined by a Gatesian Utopian who believes all lives are made better as long as they buy Microsoft.


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