Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Penguin Post 2

Due to wildly popular demand, our guest poster, BadConstrux, the statist penguin, returns to dazzle you with his brilliance.

Most people think that the Haitian tragedy was the result of the brutal, repressive, totalitarian regime not enforcing building codes. Uhm, err, no. Actually, freedom failed. Haiti is a libertarian paradise, and one of the wealthiest nations on the earth. The rich Haitians used their wealth to build what they thought were strong homes, but their totalitarian government was unable to save the people from themselves. The Haiti earthquake has proved, once and for all, that people are incapable of building their own houses, and that government should force people to use tents for homes. Even if your neighbor's tent falls over on yours, nobody dies. So uhm, err, even though Haiti's repressive, totalitarian regime was the reason that people didn't have enough money to build a good house, it's still the fault of freedom. Freedom sucks, and only a jack-booted thug government can give people the good houses they deserve.


  1. The Penguin never fails to entertain.
    Thanks for stopping by, Mayberry.



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