Saturday, February 20, 2010

Penguin Post 3

Here, yet again, is our favorite guest-poster, BadBux, the armchair economist. Let him shower you with nuggets of his erudition.

I agree with my good friend Dick Cheney--deficits don't matter. I mean, shoot the works, it's funny money! Government largess shouldn't have to depend on balancing the books. Just because deficit spending for our constant wars might just possibly have something to do with the current depression is no reason to stop the spending spree. Now I know that some of you libertards are saying, "Where are you going to get the money?” The printing press was invented in 1440, for cryin’ out loud! Print the shit! Inflation, you whine? Inflation forces people to spend their money before hyper-inflation destroys it. With everyone spending like crazy, we can all enjoy a good balloon before the next pop. At this point, morons who live in some alternate universe where unicorns are real are probably thinking, "What about savings, the fuel of Capitalism?" That, you idiots, is what fractional reserve banking is for. No need for savings when you can create money out of thin air! Now get out there and tell your representatives to spend, spend, spend. They're probably doing that already, just for you.



  1. Hi Mayberry,
    I love Unicorns and the cotton candy forests they live in. I can't imagine why BadBux would say such a hurtful thing.



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