Friday, February 26, 2010

Victim Disarmament Temporarily Halted

Greg Campbell writes in the Huffington Post:

After the Colorado State University Board of Governors voted to ban guns and other weapons at the Pueblo and Fort Collins campuses, Alderden went on record with the Colorado Springs Gazette to say that he would do all he could to undermine what he considers a dangerous policy. That includes refusing to book otherwise compliant concealed-carry holders who are arrested by CSU-Fort Collins campus cops into his jail, and testifying on behalf of them in court. Link.

Jim Alderden, Larimer County's sheriff speaks thusly:

This ban, which is broad and encompassing, basically denies students at the Fort Collins campus any defensive capacity at all. It's a weapons-free zone for law-abiding people, and it won't do a single thing to keep armed criminals off of campus. It will only ensure them a lot of defenseless victims.



  1. Support your local sheriff! If he thinks like this anyways. I know ours does...

  2. Hi Mayberry,
    I generally don't like people who are uncomfortable around guns. I have a lot in common with "gun nuts", like an appreciation of freedom and a self-sufficient personality. It was refreshing to hear this sheriff say what he did. Most po-lice don't like citizens carrying guns.



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