Thursday, February 4, 2010

World Of Concrete 2010 in Las Vegas

I get serious wood at this yearly convention. After all, concrete is my life.

Dozers and loaders and bears, oh my!


Speaking of bears...

Lots of heavy equipment.

Boom pumps. I think Sany is a Chinese company.

This convention area is so huge that there's no problem bringing in anything, no matter how heavy or big.

Lots of these kinds of "guy toys" at this mostly-male convention. Also lots of eye candy, too. I didn't get any pictures, but there were scores of lovely females. Many of them were so well endowed that I sincerely hope they have filled out organ-donor cards.

Boom pumps and a fair amount of traffic.

Bulldozer theatre. This bulldozer is made of plywood. It's a demonstration for Topcon's automated GPS earth-mover technology.

Lots of brand new ready-mix trucks.

This is a belt-delivery machine for concrete, dirt or gravel.

Portable batch-plant, I think. They had no problem getting this and larger equipment into the building.

This is stained concrete. Can you imagine how cool it would be to have these as columns inside your underground home? Serious wood.

This is the same company that made the mold for the tree trunk above. They have rubber/fiberglass molds for just about anthing you'd like to see in concrete.

In the background of the World of Concrete is the shell of the 70% completed Fontainebleu Hotel, a $3 billion hotel project that went bankrupt and was just picked up by Carl Icahn for $156 million.

These are card-passers. Their job is to pass out cards and sheets to advertise things like strippers-to-your-room, escort services, and massage parlors--everything but prostitution, which everyone knows is illegal. If these fellows weren't employed here, they'd be standing in front of a Home Depot or a nursery, seeking employment as day-laborers.


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