Saturday, March 6, 2010

Government Explained


Our guest-poster, BadFux, the government apologist, here explains why we need a government.

People are no damn good. They're lazy, shiftless morons that barely lifted themselves out of the primordial muck. I should know, because I'm really smart, and I read some books and stuff. Anyone who argues with me believes in unicorns and cotton-candy forests.
Government is the only thing that keeps us from becoming savages. Without government, we'd fearfully huddle in caves, cold and hungry. People wouldn't know how to feed themselves or their children. No one would educate their kids. There would be no roads, no cars, no railroads. I seriously doubt the wheel would have been invented. No medicine, no computers, no tools of any kind.
I know what you're thinking. You say, How come government people have the exact opposite inclinations from their non-government brethren? How come government people know goodness and light while the common rabble huddle in darkness? It's a gift from Providence. And magical jackboots. You wouldn't understand.


  1. Yeah, me and the "economist penguin" had a discussion the other day, where he extolled the virtues of the federal reserve and fractional banking. He completely ignored any evidence I foolishly went through the trouble to provide him with. Yup, he's a product of government "education"....

  2. Hi Mayberry,
    I've gone round and round with the Armchair Economist Penguin. If you don't agree with him, you're a libertard who believes in unicorns and lives in an alternate universe.
    He started using snips of my comments, heavily edited and embellished, to "prove" how wrong sound-money freedom-lovers are. So now I use the "guest poster" thing to slam him. Besides being an insufferable know-it-all and pompous windbag, he's wrong on just about everything in politics and economics. And all his sycophant yes-men commenters make me want to retch.



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