Saturday, March 27, 2010

Time For Some Trees

Mrs. UC and I decided to start some trees next to the house. We went to the local nursery and looked at their Shoestring Acacias. Half-dead and overpriced. So I drove to Las Vegas (2-1/2 hours away) and visited every nursery there. At Star Nursery I found some gorgeous 15-gallon trees, and they were on sale, too! There was a problem, though. A 2-1/2 hour drive at 60 MPH wouldn't do the trees any favors if I took the flatbed trailer, and the enclosed trailer was only 6' tall inside. The trees were 12' tall. My carpenter training kicked in(you react in a micro-second), and I whipped up this tree-tipping jig.

By tipping them in the enclosed trailer, the trees would fit nicely and I wouldn't lose any dirt from the containers.

The ride home went smooth and by the numbers. I layed some furniture pads over plywood boxes to gently support the tops of the trees.

I applied a little muscle with my heirloom digging pick. The top of the ground was very hard, of course, because of the house pad, so I punched a 3' diameter hole about 3' deep to get below the hard stuff. In one of the holes I hit caliche and had to drill 3/4" holes with a rotohammer to break through the hard pan.

Here's two of the four trees we planted. We did these installs by the book with three 2x2 poles to help the young trees survive the sometimes brutal desert winds. Mrs. UC searched the Innertubes for the best tree-planting methods, and she superintended this project.

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