Friday, March 12, 2010

Why Freedom 2?

People who have to be persuaded to be free don't deserve to be.

L. Neil Smith, The tyranny of Democracy 

A little rebellion now and then is a good thing.
Thomas Jefferson

Having to defend freedom is a smelly business. Not only smelly, but unpopular. Most people are, at best, ambivalent about freedom. They'd rather live at the expense of others, which necessitates slavery, the opposite of freedom. When I say at the expense of others, I mean letting others subsidize the defense of your person and property, the growing of your food, the building of your house, and the education of your children. Even if you're prepared now to pay for these services, don't be surprised when the day comes that these services become unaffordable. The U.S. government(it may be YOUR government, but it's not MY government) thinks itself indispensable to our security, and it's charging accordingly. The medical profession, same thing. Ditto the education establishment. Fortunately, for now anyway, you can still afford food at WalMart, and homes are within reach, even if the building departments and property taxes are fast changing that.
What happens when you decide, "Enough! I can't afford all you assholes. I'd rather do these things for myself. I could do them better and cheaper, and my life would improve if you'd just go away." Oops, too late. We should have done something about a hundred years ago. Now it's going to be ugly to fix the problem. Without frontier we're boxed in, painted into a corner, so to speak. Where do we go from here?

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