Friday, March 12, 2010

Why Freedom 3?

When you think of freedom, do you see danger? Or the thrill of opportunity? What kind of man prefers freedom? What kind doesn't chafe at the thought of ankle irons?
Every man should be responsible for his own life. If you give up even a small part of that responsibility, don't be surprised if you lose control of your destiny. And all of your freedom.
There are those who say that, without government, people cannot provide for themselves. Can't defend themselves, can't feed themselves, can't make a shelter, can't teach their children how to read and write, can't save for retirement, can't pay for their medical needs, can't produce food, can't resist the lure of drugs and alcohol. To that I say, "Well maybe, but so what?" Even the three little pigs figured out how to build a strong house after two tries. Maybe people can and should learn from their mistakes, or if not, remove themselves from the gene pool.


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