Wednesday, April 28, 2010


This post is a 100% blatant rip-off from Bartcop, one of the best damn sites on the Innertubes.


Subject: Arizona's Birther Law
Bart, I think it's clear why they passed that law.
The next time Obama shows up in Phoenix, Sheriff  Joe can demand to see his papers. 
Since the birthers don't think he has any, that'll prove he's not the legal president 
and they can install Sarah Palin and El Chupacabra in a bloodless coup.
Harassing Mexicans is just a bonus.

Subject: AZ Law glitch
I haven't seen you mention yet the huge glitch in the AZ Immigration Law.  
The part that says if a citizen thinks that the cops are moving too slow, or that there are still 
brown folks who don't have their birth certificates and passports stapled to their head, 
that the citizen can then file a complaint against the cops and state.
The state has to pay for the lawyer and associated fees, AND, AND has to pay a fine of $1,000.00 per day
until the case comes to trial.  According the reports I've read, most cases take about a year to get to trial.  
So, I think that you and Mrs. Bart should move to AZ, file a complaint that Sheriff Joe 
ain't arrestin' em fast enough and puttin' em in pink jail clothes.  
And then there you are, you're pulling down a fast $365,000 per annum.
Yer welcome, keep the change.
 Eric X
Eric, thanks.
I've already called the movers.

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