Monday, April 26, 2010

The People's Po-lice State of Arizony


I shamelessly lifted these cartoons from Bartcop. Good Stuff!



  1. I have to disagree with you on this one. Living in south Texas, and knowing first-hand what happens when unrestricted illegal immigration is allowed to continue unchecked. It leads to violence, rampant drug use and trafficking, diminished wages for legal citizens, and unemployment. You know, for those jobs that Americans "don't want to do". Jobs that used to pay well, like building houses, landscaping, painting, road work, maintenance work..... Jobs that illegals have taken over, and caused wages to collapse.

    I might add that most Hispanics around here literally hate "wetbacks", because those Hispanics have been here for generations, and their livlihoods are equally threatened by illegals as are us "gringos".

    We cannot have uncontrolled immigration. Especially given the fact that our livlihood is stolen by the state and federal governments for "redistribution" amongst those who cannot, or will not provide for themselves.

    Especially given the fact that employers are not held accountable for their hiring practices en masse, allowing millions to work "under the table", paying no taxes, yet they are eligible for government "benefits", which you and I are forced to pay for at gunpoint and threat of incarceration.

    I would have no problem with unrestricted flow of people across borders if I were not forced to pay for their well being at the point of a gun. Personally, I would love to be able to sail to Bermuda and back without having to go through "customs", show a passport, etc... I think it's crap that people can't travel Freely, as they see fit. But I also think it's crap that people are forced to pay for other folks who don't think it their responsibility to fend for themselves....

  2. I have to agree with Mayberry here. This post does not reflect well on you, unless you're actually bucking for a seat next to Nancy P.

  3. Hi Mayberry,
    I'll stand my ground on this one. I'm a slow thinker, and this requires some serious, and long, thought. I'm going to chew on your comment tonight.

    Hi YeOldFurt,
    Welcome to my blog and thanks for the comment. Not many people agree with me on this one. How can you limit freedom without destroying it?


  4. Dave, it does require some thought. But I'm confident that after some serious contemplation, you'll arrive at the right conclusion...

  5. Hi Mayberry,

    What if a nice Mexican couple walks up to you and says, "We're fresh illegals. Kindly direct us to the nearest welfare office, emergency room, dope dealer, and drug-trafficking employer".

    I doubt that would happen. They're people, just like you and me, and they want the same thing--a better life that they're willing to work for. A right to exist implies existing "somewhere", and that somewhere should be anywhere they choose. An accident of geography shouldn't keep anyone from seeking a better life. I don't know how onerous immigration permission is, but I do know that my panties twist up every time I have to apply for "permission"--a driver's license, vehicle registration, a building permit, a professional license.

    Do you know how most illegals are caught? Income tax forms. Whenever someone overstays their "permission", they become illegal and the IRS hands ICE an easy-to-find target--a person with a steady job and steady residence. Did you know that Ayn Rand was an illegal? She overstayed her visa and lived in terror that she would be sent back to Russia. She eagerly married an American, Frank O'Connor, to be able to stay here.

    You can't pick and choose freedom, and freedom requires a tolerance for habits and proclivities that we may find abhorrent--drug addiction, homosexuality, promiscuity, religion, alcoholism, smoking, gambling, lack-of-hygiene.

    As for redistribution to the incompetent or lazy, blame legislators. As for competition, I'll gladly compete with any carpenter for a job. If I can't compete, then it's time for me to find another trade.


  6. Your point that the average Human is just seeking the Freedom to work & better his life is fine.

    But if their actions affect the life & freedom of another human is that FAIR? As a US citizen if I cause another loss or pain I can go to jail on a variety of charges. I lose any freedom I thought I had.

    There can be no freedom in a land that forces its citizens to follow a endless list of laws. Yet allows non-citizens to benefit for breaking those same laws.

    i am not a fan of all the permission slips I have to constantly fill out in this society either but damn the illegal that doesn't have to get the same state contractors license & pay all the same insurance, taxes & fees as me to make a LEGAL living in the State of Virginia. These rules don't affect my skill level to do the work, they hamper my ability to lower my price to match an illegal's work. There is a financial investment in building a business in a U.S. community. Most illegals make no long term investment in the United States they send the bulk back to Mexico or other countries where cost of living is lower or to help support families. Yet they can go to any emergency room and get free medical care because they have no legal identity. If I go to the emergency room and don't pay they start looking for my assets to collect against since I do have a legal identity.

    If the Legislators of Law, & Justice want to wave all the bullshit rules for all sides in the pursuit of happiness I welcome any human to work along side me for a better life.

    But a civilized society where your wife & children can walk free & be safe cannot exist without a few basic community standards or rules. (A FEW like those 10 Basic ones could probably handle things very nicely.) While on the other hand it also doesn't allow its citizens true freedom if it burdens them with unjust & unequally enforced laws.

    So where is the Freedom for one if another must be enslaved.

    It would be great if many of my fellow citizens thought about my rights before they worried about giving them away to non-citizens. My parents are still waiting for the check from MASTER for when I was born into slavery.

    Just a hard working United States Citizen Slave's point of view...

    The Virginian

  7. Hi Daniel,

    Thank you for your comment. As much as I respect your opinion, I have to disagree.

    Please read the comment from Brass in Mayberry's post Here. Brass says it better than I ever could.


  8. Dave,

    Since we both are following this discussion between UC & KSS Blogs lets say all agree that basically illegals & legals are all God's little children.

    Add to that the same thoughts the Native American had that men could not own the land. We as humans are just here to live in balance with nature.

    Please lay out the plan to remove legislators & government rulers from the landscape. Remembering that whatever plan is developed on what is U.S. soil will need to be transferable to all the lands of the Earth. No borders, no rules.
    Just humans enjoying FREEDOM as they stay up all night guarding their houses.

    Now right off the top, we will not be voting for anything. Because voting leads to politics and that is the blood sucking leech we are trying to remove from this system. And everyone has to be equal. Having a weapon doesn't make one stronger. There will be no winners or losers.

    Apart from all out civil war on U.S. soil how do you suggest we start the process? How do we determine who are the leeches of society? And if we should get rid of all the leeches here & in other countries, do we start making new rules to create order. Or will it be like the Wild West everyman for himself?

    Where does this process leave our fellow humans that don't want to fight? This exercise of words on illegals was all about treating our fellow man with mutual respect wasn't it?

    Seems to me that this is a global problem that we are incapable of repairing. As I am always seeking the simplest solution, I suggest we pray to God to blow the whole place up and then maybe a few of us can start the whole process of sucking the life out of the planet again.

    There you go Illegal/Legal all God's little children treated the same. Nice crispy grains of sand.

    Truth is... the world is made up of a lot of good & bad people. The trick is to know if the person standing next to you will throw you under a bus, before you offer to fight for their freedom.

    The Virginian

  9. Hi Daniel,

    Thanks for your calm, polite comments on a subject that seems to inspire bitter, red-faced screaming matches. Usually whenever anyone disagrees with me, I'm accused of living in an alternate universe with unicorns and cotton candy trees.

    Plan? I have no plan. I'm not a leader and I'm not a follower. And I damn sure haven't a clue how to "arrange society". All I can do is choose the better from the worse. And I've decided that no government is better. Since people stubbornly cling to their damn governments(no matter how brutal), any green-shoots of freedom will have to get their start in frontier. Unfortunately, every square inch of land on this earth has some government claiming dominion over it. So until some genius comes along that can discover fast-and-cheap space travel or a chance meteor strike destroys most of humankind, I can do nothing but sit on my fat ass and complain, or like Galileo, mutter under my breath, "And yet it moves."

    These posts of mine are a futile attempt to talk people into freedom. I've had zero success. I've tried rational discourse, flattery, cajoling banter, funny cartoons, and even screaming at the top of my lungs. If I can't convince even one person that freedom is better, how am I going to sway 300 million?

    "This exercise of words on illegals was all about treating our fellow man with mutual respect wasn't it?"

    Yes, and what better way to show that respect than recognizing all men are free. Free to live, work and move about. The granting of permission and privilege is the opposite of respect. It is a declaration of Master/Slave status.


  10. Yeah... that master / slave status really sucks. Seems to be an on going thing for thousands of years with the human race. One will be lucky to get 20 people living without that type system. Hell we as humans can't even work it out most of the time with a husband & wife.

    Wonder if things would have been different if Adam hadn't taken that bite??

    Seems we all going to have to deal with tomorrow in different ways.

    The Virginian


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