Saturday, May 8, 2010

Desert Plant-Watering

Mrs. UC and I got tired of dragging the hose to water our new trees and vines, but the rebar for our delayed retaining wall project is on top of the spot where I want to put the timer valves. So the next best thing is to put in the tree and vine circuits and connect a hose to them. That way, instead of dragging the hose, we just turn it on for an hour and everything gets watered.

Here's Joe (on the excavator) and Frank (on the shovel). Across the driveway I wanted the lines to be 2' deep and sleeved. I'm still designing the driveway for final grade, so I wanted some leeway. The last rain helped me to decide that I want more than the 2' of design slope across the front of the house that I originally figured.

Here's Frank gluing the 3/4" PVC pipes together. At each plant and tree we have a stub-up riser that the 1/4" drip tubing and emitters attach to.

At each tree's riser there is an adapter with 6 emitter lines. The riser at the Cat's Claw vines only has a single emitter line.

This is a lousy macro shot, but it shows one of the 2 GPH (gallon per hour) emitters. We used store-bought mulch to protect the top roots of the trees against the intense summer heat.
So now when we turn the hose bib on for an hour, the trees each get 12 gallons and the Cat's Claw vines get 2 gallons.


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