Thursday, May 13, 2010

Get Offa My Land!


This sign is based on the concept of private property. You have a right to defend your property and have every right to say who may be allowed to access it. About the rest of the land in this country, you have zero say, and only wanna-be dictators, unfortunately a huge crowd, would pompously claim any power-of-permission over others. Humans are not dogs. The Alpha-and-Submissive behavior works great for canines, but humans need to get over it.


My reason for being against immigration control has little to do with fear of being labeled racist. I'm a carpenter, as blue-collar as they come, and outside of this blog, my speech is filled with swearing and racial epithets. I also have little regard for mankind, although I am occasionally touched by moments of decency and kindness. My biggest reason for advocating freedom of migration is selfish. I see liberty vanishing and my chains are starting to chafe a bit. Every new law that reduces our freedom was started with the intention of placating an intolerance or a fear.


You wanna talk about terrorism? Next time you see those red-and-blue lights in your rear mirror, tell me how warm-and-fuzzy you feel about "Officer Friendly".


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