Sunday, May 9, 2010

Green Sauce on Your Freedom Enchiladas?

What is Freedom? What is Liberty? Is 97% Freedom good enough? How about 63% Freedom? At what point does Freedom erode into Slavery. Where in the Laffer curve does Liberty end and Tyranny begin?

Mrs. UC made "Freedom Enchiladas" today. Yummy!




    That is from the May First Pro Illegal Alien March. Is that what we want for our country?

  2. Hi GFZ,

    Some observations on that picture:

    #1. The sign was written in grammatically correct English. Illegal immigrants don't generally write English well.

    #2. The wording is so outrageously over-the-top incendiary, I have to wonder if it was written by an agent provocateur. Most illegals keep their heads down, below the radar.

    #3. How hard would it be to find a limited-English-speaking Hispanic dude to hold that sign for a quick photograph, maybe offer him a fiver?

    #4. Would you warmly support a white dude holding a sign that demanded a job, house, food and health care? Do you want your tax money going for such things, as long as the recipients are "real" Americans? Do you really want to live under a government where such largess with money stolen from you is possible?

    #5. Didn't America used to be a land where free speech was tolerated? Or was it always lip-service? All I see is one guy holding a sign that twists your panties.

    #6. Do you really want your government to "clamp down" on "illegals"? Think first--everything that gives our government more power makes your life harder. Are you ready for Real ID and embedded chips?

    #7. Shouldn't people be free to move to wherever a better life is possible? OK for you, but not for "them"? Are you any more human than they are? Jesus, whatever happened to kindness and decency?

    #8. Be careful what you wish for(or demand).

    So what'll it be, home boy? Would you like some nice North-Korean-style border control? Perhaps you'd like to send our military to the border to shoot brown people? GFZ, I read every post on your blog, so I know that we're at opposite poles on this issue. I'm for freedom, no matter how unpopular.

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  3. 1) Kinda bigotted comment from you but shall let it pass. If somebody wrote it for him, does not reduce the message one bit.
    2) You don't get out much in Sanctuary and other Cities, do you?
    3)Let's see, $5 times how many thousands of illegals marching on May 1? Now you opens the question who is bankrolling this operation.
    4)I would kick the gentleman in the ass and tell him to get off a job and doble check if the guy is a russian or east european illegal. If he is a proper inmigrant, I would kick him in the ass twice.
    5)So his speech must be accepted and my grievances shouldn't? Kinda one sided, isn't it? But it is the norm with "unpopular" speech. Thoughtcrime next?
    6)I want some basic form of border control. I want any company or group hiring knowingly illegals to be fined 1 mill per hire. That will cut down much of the problems with illegal immigration. If you think Open Borders and Easy path to Citizenship is the answer, take a deep look at the European Union.
    7) Am I free to move to your backyard and install myself in it? Am I free to use your goods without compensation? Should I call you RACIST when you complain and want the authorities to do something about it? Should the Media do an in deep look at your life and call you Kluker?
    8) Ditto dude, ditto.
    9)Read #6 again.

    This is not just a question of immigration but the diluting of the Country's values. I am an immigrant and naturalized US Citizen and when I came over and then took The Oath, I did not ask for the US to become me or demand free nothing, I just wanted the chance. As LEGAL immigrant, I am deeply insulted with this faux care for illegals. I dislike that they are seen as morally superior as they label themselves as "victims" of the racist whites when they are the biggest bunch of racist there are. Ask what happens to illegal immigrants from Honduras when the sneak into Mexico, how they are beaten, raped and killed but nobody gives a damn because it would give Mexican illegals a bad name. And the same goes for the rest of the Americas yet here there is this fabricated sense of guilt which makes them get away with murder...literally.
    So spare me the White Guy NY guilt BS. If you only knew how hard they are laughing behind your back, you would start shoving them all out of the country yourself.

  4. GFZ,

    I'm bigoted? Hell, yes! Tell me where you came from so I can properly and irreparably insult you. I'm a redneck carpenter and I have an insult for every skin tone and eye slant.

    I try not to get out much. Don't like to risk any contact with the police here in the land of the free.

    When I made the $5 comment, I was talking about just the guy with the inflammatory sign. The rest of the crowd I only paid $1 each.

    So what is your "grievance"? Did that guy's sign upset you? Sounds like you're airing you grievances pretty freely right now. If you want a Gestapo Government to shut people up, well, try North Korea or Iran. Supposedly, here in America, you're free to speak your mind, even if it irritates others.

    You want border control? When you say that someone doesn't have a right to be here, what you're really saying is that they don't have a right to exist without your permission. You need to get over that.

    Why would you want to move to my backyard and "install" yourself? You're welcome, of course. I live out in the sticks and company is nice. Dinner is at 6.

    I'm not the type to "call the authorities" when someone offends me. In case you're new to my blog, I think government does more harm than good and we'd all be better off without it. But for you, I'd make an exception and drop a dime.

    "…diluting of the Country's values."? How do you dilute a value?

    So you're an immigrant. I say, if you don't like freedom, go the hell back to the slave pen you came from. This is America, land of the free, remember?

    And just to clarify, I don't give a good goddam about illegals or pompous "legal" immigrants like yourself. I care only about freedom, and whenever I see someone hollering to restrict anyone's freedom, I'm going to say something about it.

    Thanks for your comments. Sorry we disagree. I like your blog and agree with most of it. If you can come up with a good reason to hate brown people, we'll lock arms and hate on them together. How brotherly is that?


  5. Amazing how well you skated on your follow up post. Trying to bounce back your own prejudices and misinformation made it entertaining but only for a while. I have read/seen & heard the standard comments of those who do not know the reality of illegal immigration so yours are nothing new.

    How do you dilute a value? When you are punished for celebrating what makes this country great. When you are told that displaying the sings of this nation are insulting to people celebrating a fake foreign holiday. When it is OK to literally piss on one religion yet we must respect the one that tries to enslave us or kill us. When I am told I should give away the fruits of my labor to the Government to somebody who will send his monies to a foreign country because he/she can get the free care I cannot give to my own family and I have to take it with a smile or be called racist by the "enlightened." When the Poor Immigrants refuse to incorporate themselves to the culture, shun the laws, culture and language of the Country that they live in and want to transform it in to the cesspool that they "escaped" from. And those are some of the things that tick me off.

    "You want border control? When you say that someone doesn't have a right to be here, what you're really saying is that they don't have a right to exist without your permission. You need to get over that"

    You want me to get over that? Then return the monies and time I spent FOLLOWING THE LAW and becoming first a resident and then a citizen. Asking for no handouts, sweating my arse off working and becoming American not just in name but in soul. When I said "that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion, so help me God." I meant every word of it and not just parroting a line in order to get myself some free healthcare and some food stamps.

    You also said on your first post #8. Be careful what you wish for(or demand). and I repeat my answer: Ditto dude, ditto.

  6. Hi GFZ,

    I have nothing but my own prejudices and misinformation to bounce back with, but at least they're all mine and I've examined them from the fullest of my ability to choose the better from the worse. If I've failed in this, the fault is mine alone.

    I thought you might like parts of my latest post. We share some common ground on self-defense. Do you know why I write this blog? It's to figure out what I think, and maybe to get a little practice in expressing myself. I'm not looking to change anyone's mind.

    When I complain, I try to name the villain and list the specific acts of he who angers me. You should try it. Start by explaining just exactly who has punished you, what you were celebrating, who is pissing on one religion and who is respecting another, who is giving away your fruit, who is sending whose money to a foreign country, and who is calling you racist. Names, please. Just exactly which immigrants have refused to incorporate themselves? Personally, I think we have too many corporations already. Do you really think homogeneity is a good thing?

    As for illegals soaking up the freebies, that may or may not be a fact. If it is, take it up with your government. I certainly don't make enough money to supply anyone but my family with medical care and food, so I remain blameless there.

    You've sweated and toiled to become a self-made man. Bravo, maestro! Now why do you feel it necessary to make sure no one else can? "I've got mine, so lock the gate!"

    What I wish for is more freedom, even if it's more dangerous. I realize that carries a large weight of responsibility, but that's just how I roll. If you wish for less freedom, I think that will bite you in the ass. You'll have the comfort and security of your chains, but they will chafe a bit.

    I really don't much care what you believe, but I would urge you to examine those beliefs, especially your most closely held beliefs. As I do mine.



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