Monday, May 31, 2010

Racist! Bigot!

So what's the difference between a racist and a bigot? From reading the dictionary definitions, I gather that a bigot is more racist than a mere racist.

Pay attention. You will be tested.

1.  All people are stupid.

2. White cracker rednecks are stupid.

3.  Jews are stupid.

4. Orientals are stupid.

5. Carpenters are stupid.

6. Niggers are stupid.

The above statements are all equally worthless. But which one flares the nostrils of the righteous most, and why? Should anyone be offended by the utterance of a worthless statement? As a response, wouldn't laughter be more appropriate than indignation?



  1. The "racist" card has been overplayed to the point being meaningless these days. People have been programmed to become "offended" at the mere hint of an "off color" joke. Hell, some of the best Mexican jokes I ever heard came from Hispanics, but even they are afraid to tell them these days. Political correctness is killing us....

  2. Hi Mayberry,

    Truly, it's sad to see an entire country lose its sense of humor.



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