Sunday, May 16, 2010

Starting a Business in the Jobless Recovery

From an article in the Las Vegas Review Journal about layed-off people starting their own businesses.

"You find out what you need to do, you get all your paperwork together, you submit it to whatever authority needs it, and you basically wait to hear back from them," Beckman said. "Because it is a step-by-step procedure, you can be stuck dead in the water waiting for that next approval."
For example, before Beckman could get a county business license to open his vocational-technical school, he needed approval from the Nevada Commission on Postsecondary Education. To obtain that, he had to develop a curriculum, document his knowledge and ability to serve as an instructor and complete loads of paperwork. And the commission meets only four times a year, so he couldn't appear before the agency until February.
Once he earned the commission's approval, Beckman had to wait on building inspectors and municipal licensing agencies. And they're busy these days, too.
"They were telling me, with the way the economy is, a lot of people are going into business for themselves. They're (the agencies) pretty overloaded," he said.
Nor did Beck
man anticipate all the smaller expenses, such as fire extinguishers, that come with launching a company.

Grovel and beg for your permission to earn a living. Of course it's all just "sensible rules and regulations" designed to keep Vegas unemployment at 14%. I made a torch today and I'm bidding on a pitchfork on eBay.

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