Monday, May 10, 2010

zOMG, A Brown Person! With A Sign!

Hide your eyes, young-uns! The Brown Menace sweeping over the verdant hills will soon over-run us and America-as-we-know-it will end!                         

A brown guy holds a sign-of-mass-provocation and every redneck motherfucker in this country goes apeshit! Do you really think an illegal made and carried this sign? Puh-leeeeze! That would be like a white guy, walking through the middle of Harlem, carrying a sign saying, "I hate niggers". Wait, OK, so that did happen, but it was a movie, and everybody knows that Bruce Willis isn't really a bigot. As for the sign above, I smell a rat. Or an agent provocateur. How easy would it be to find a limited-English-speaking Hispanic in that crowd and pay him $5 to hold that sign for a photo-op?

Allow me to make a parallel. Everybody knows that repealing all the gun laws in this country, making every state a Vermont-carry state, will result in blood running in the streets and daily shoot-outs in Wal-Mart. And yet I, who live in Arizona, have not noticed any blood running in my street after Arizona repealed its laws against concealed carry. I shopped at Wal-Mart a few days ago and nobody died. I haven't seen any stories of carnage in the local papers either. It might even have made things safer.

Everybody knows that if we lifted all immigration restrictions and opened the borders, that we would be over-run by terrorists, drug dealers, gang-bangers, dangerous criminals, and a giant sucking sound would be heard at the welfare office. Because you know that THOSE BROWN PEOPLE all come across the border to get welfare and free public schooling and free medical care.

What everybody knows.


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