Sunday, June 6, 2010

Carpenter's Day Off

Mrs. UC and I decided to drive up to Hoover Dam and check out the new bridge being built over the Colorado River.


My first pose was too wooden, so Mrs. UC told me to put some "Captain" in it.

I snapped this photo of Mrs. UC with the small emergency backup camera.

This is Lake Mead. Notice the old high-water marks from back in the day when there used to be water in the lake. Did you know that a Las Vegas golf course uses about a million gallons a day to keep the grass green? And all those residential lawns and water features that people like tend to drain the lake.

This bridge will be open at the end of this year. Carpenter wanted to work on this bridge and even got a call inviting him, but we were building our Arizona home at the time. Alas.

A close-up shot. Look at those clean lines. What a gorgeous bridge!

Even this Chuckawalla lizard was out admiring the bridge.


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