Saturday, June 19, 2010

The New Las Vegas City Hall 2

Here we are pouring column footings. See the rebar sticking up? That's for the 18-foot-tall concrete columns, almost a hundred of them, in the basement. Not only did Carlos and I lay out the location of these footings and column rebar, we also nailed up the "templates", the 2 x 6's that support the vertical rebar.

We pour, on average, 1000 cubic yards of concrete a week.

I'm taking these pictures on my lunch break.

Here's a closeup of one of the column footings. The location of these footings and the column steel, the depth of the hole, and the top of the pour are my (and Carlos's) responsibility. If we screw up, it's down-the-road time for us. Fortunately, we have several people who watch our back. They might catch a large mistake, but if we place that column steel 5 inches off layout, I doubt anyone would catch it until it was too late. Jackhammering concrete is extremely expensive, so Carlos and I are constantly checking our own work.

This is a survey monument. It's a point provided for us to use to layout everything. The survey company (Horizon Survey) carries huge liability insurance.

Here's an overall of the project. This party's just getting started. In another week there won't be room to turn around in the basement.



  1. I'm glad y'all have a job, but I find it interesting how a city crying about it's economic woes can afford such a project...

  2. Hi Mayberry,

    Yep, after almost a year on the dole (unemployment), a government building is the only work I can find. For a guy with my political views, the irony is sickening.

    This magnificent edifice was foisted upon the citizenry by Mayor Goodman, an ex mob lawyer. He bullyragged his opponents by citing the cost savings of building during a recession, an advantageous land-swap, and the huge imperative "need" for a new city hall--all the while whining about "maybe" having to lay off a couple of government workers.



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