Saturday, July 24, 2010

Good And Hard

1.  Government would collapse if we let everybody in.
Notice first the "we" implies that our monstrous government has the tacit approval of all "legal" citizens. If all that is required to bring down our government is a few more brown-skinned people relocating, then I'm even more in favor of immigrants, legal or illegal.

2.  Our ancestors had to jump through hoops. We must make sure that the "route to citizenship" is even more onerous, with drug testing, medical testing, bank balances, English testing, and background checks.
None of the above will predict human potential. Ghandi and Jesus were dirt poor, Stephan Hawking is a physical train wreck, Nelson Mandela was a felon who did 26 years. Do I need to continue?

3.  "To secure these rights…." Our government was created to pay bureaucrats to decide who gets to come here and stay.
What happened to the "All men are endowed…" concept of rights? Why is it that people should be "allowed" to practice their religion but not be allowed to relocate? If you think that because you're a legal citizen you don't need permission to be here, then what about driver's licenses, professional licenses, curfews, documentation like Real ID, Social Security cards and birth certificates. The more you egg on ICE, the more you'll get what you want, good and hard.
4.  Illegals are all scamming welfare, free housing, and food stamps.
OK, the easy solution is to end all welfare programs. If you can't hoist your own ass up and down the highway of life, then please report immediately to the Soylent Green Vats. If you think someone deserves help, then help them yourself, but don't demand that everyone be robbed in the name of charity.

5.  The Mexican drug cartels will spill into this country if we let the brown people in unhindered.
Easy solution: End the stupid drug laws.

6.  Al Queda would rush into this country and cause a wave of terror.
Al Queda doesn't much concern me, but getting an IRS summons or seeing flashing red-and-blue lights in my rear-view mirror scares the piss out of me.

8.  Try crossing the border into Iran, North Korea, or even Mexico without "documentation" if our laws bother you.
Are you serious? You think we should have draconian laws just because some totalitarian penal colonies have harsh immigration laws? Remember when your parents would ask you, "If little Johnny decided to jump off a cliff, would you follow him?"

9.  Illegals are stealing jobs from desperate Americans.
This is not a land where freedom is prized. Most people don't want fewer laws; they want more laws that favor them over others. Funny, new laws never work the way you'd like them to. Ironic justice.

10.  People who aren't like you and me need to be controlled.
Dave's litmus test for freedom-lovers: If you don't support freedom for people you consider repugnant, like cigarette-smokers, drug users, brown people, homosexuals, people who don't bathe often, gun owners, then you don't support freedom at all.


  1. Very well put. I couldn't agree with you more! Bienvenidos amigos, come help us bring down this ridiculous government and make this the land of the Free once again! You never know, there just might be another Pancho Villa amongst 'em, and that wouldn't be a bad thing...

  2. Hi Mayberry,

    Damn straight! Let's bust this bitch wide open!

    Thanks for the kind words.



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