Saturday, August 7, 2010

Clarifying Concepts

Whenever I mention that government does more harm than good and that we'd be better off without it, I get the ubiquitous troll, who, in righteous anger spits this out:

"So, you're one of them Anarchists, huh? Tell me, Mister Bomb-Thrower, how would you arrange society so that we receive essential services like police, roads, and post office?"

The first thing that comes to mind is, why don't you do those things for yourselves? Society doesn't need "arranging", least of all by anal-retentive Huns and their jack-booted police, and freedom would allow any desired "service" to be met by an entrepreneur.

Let's get this freedom thing straight. If you like living in a penal colony, knock yourself out. As long as you don't force your serfdom on me, you can and should be able to live any way you want, even if I consider your way of life repugnant. Comprende?



  1. No, they don't comprende. They will never comprende, because their minds have turned to mush...


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