Saturday, August 7, 2010

Preppin' Fetch It

This post is inspired by some of the exchanges between Tam and Roberta X.

Mrs. UC: "Wanna go to Sam's Club?"

Me: "Sure. I need me some preps."

Mrs. UC: "Preps?"

Me: "You know, preps, like to prepare."

Mrs. UC: "Prepare for what?"

Me: "For, like, the coming of Gozer or the collapse of civilization."

Mrs. UC: "Darlin', I hate to break this to you, but civilization collapsed a couple of years ago."



  1. The coming of Gozer. Bwahaha.

  2. Hi Brass,

    Good to see you back and commenting.

    When Mrs. UC and I find a movie we like, we usually watch it to death, until we know the lines better than the actors. So we're constantly zinging each other with apropos movie lines.



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