Saturday, August 7, 2010

Starry Night

There was a really cool crescent moon this morning, but unfortunately we had some cloud cover from some thunderstorms off to the east. The other problem was that I know dick about my camera and out of 3 dozen attempts to take a picture, this is the only one I got. All the rest said, "Not enough light" at the top of the screen. I think this was set to aperture priority and the shot was 6 seconds long.

I have beef with Nikon. They made a really nice camera, which I'm sure didn't get built in somebody's garage over the weekend. They've got engineers and dust-free factories and highly skilled people putting together a quality product. Would it kill them to put together a manual showing how to use it? The "manual" I got with the camera only explained some of the basic menus and there was absolutely no definition of terms, of camera-speak like ISO, aperture, VR, PSAM, etc. I wouldn't even mind buying a book on this subject, especially if it was specific to my camera. It just offends the living shit outa me that the only way I can learn about my camera is to fumble-fuck around and guess what things do what.

That is all.

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