Sunday, September 19, 2010


I'm constantly getting e-mails that begin thusly: "If you were able to pray at church today, thank a soldier."  I don't supplicate, to either a deity or a government, for protection against hobgoblins. I'll take my chances with any real threat; after all, I'm not helpless.

I'm not worried about the Moose-lum peril, the Red peril, the Yellow peril, the Brown peril, or any other "threat to our way-of-life". What I do worry about is using the aforementioned as an excuse to weld heavier links on the chains around my ankles.

So I don't "support our soldiers", except for the taxes stolen from me. The entire US military can just pack it up and go home, where they should be. Close the hundreds of military bases, garrisons, golf courses, and torture chambers. Padlock the Pentagon, shut down the silos, and put the military aircraft and ships up on eBay.

And I feel the same about local poe-leece, too.


  1. So I don't "support our soldiers", except for the taxes stolen from me.

    Well said, here's my Take.........

    Anyone over in the middle east fighting for my freedom has my permission to stop immediately. I was free before 09/11/01 and since we have been there, my freedoms have steadily been eroding.
    So cease and desist all hostilities before I have no freedoms left.

  2. Jerry, where in CT?

  3. Hi Jerry_from_ct,

    Very well said! If only the military's ultimate employer(taxpayers) had any say.


  4. Naugatuck Valley.....


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