Friday, September 3, 2010

The Law Giver

I was nosing around the Innertubes last weekend and read a post on SurvivalBlog on the subject of SHTF and TEOTWAWKI.  Carpenter immediately knew he had a barrel of fish, ready for shooting. I was going to wade into the swamp and wrestle me some gators, but lack the energy to do that today. So instead, I'll just pick some low-hanging road apples.

Somebody has to take charge quickly:

Lemme guess--you'd "step up."

Anarchy is the dirtiest word in the English language and should be avoided at all costs. Whenever I see some teenager wearing a T-shirt espousing anarchy, I get a strong urge to show him a little anarchy by beating him up and ripping it off his back..and then ask him if he still thinks Anarchy is "cool".

The breadth of your reasoning powers and sublime form of expression! What a convincing argument--NOT! Socrates, you ain't. First of all, anarchy means freedom, so I'm in favor of it. Government brings out the worst in humans, and it squashes originality, invention and the energy of enterprise.

Without law and order of some kind, the strong will take from the weak. The cruel will torture and kill wantonly. Rule of law is essential to any progress or recovery.
Any progress in this world always happened before government could figure out a way to tax or suppress it. Government is organized brutality.

I am writing this in the firm belief that when our society crashes, some communities will maintain order and some vestige of humanity. That's going to require a delicate balancing act because the two concepts are not mutually reinforcing and can be at odds with each other.

No shit, Einstein! Except for the impossibility of a "balancing act", you finally said something I agree with.

If corporate interests collide with public welfare needs, the government has the right and the responsibility to negate corporate or individual rights for the common good.

Sounds familiar. I've heard this somewhere before....

Fuel stocks are a public resource owned by private citizens. Once they are gone, your community may never get any more. This is a case where you are going to have to exercise some emergency powers and appropriate property from private citizens. You may also be forced to confiscate privately owned vehicles if yours are damaged or you need specialty vehicles (like fuel tankers, for instance). You need to work out a method of doing this without stealing.

Well, good luck with that.



  1. Another product of government brainwashing. Guess he never read about anarchy in colonial Pennsylvania (of course not, it would undermine his brainwashed views!).

  2. Hi Mayberry,

    Yep. It makes me wonder sometimes why Americans don't connect the dots of history. If "law and order" are so damn desirable, why in hell did America ever get colonized? Could it be that Europeans were looking for a little anarchy?


  3. Records: You need to secure public and as many private records as possible. Without them, repairing our current culture will be much more difficult. Birth records, tax records, bank records etc. All of these may have
    tremendous value in the future.

    Great, the same S**T that got us the problem in the first place.

    This Guy is a big promoter of centralized control Ala The U.N.

  4. Hi Anon 10:29,

    Good point about records. A good business opportunity exists there after the collapse.

    The UN blue-helmet shit is one of my lines-in-the-sand.



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