Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Solution To The Illegal Immigrant "Problem"

While I'm rolling down the road, sometimes I turn on the radio and sample the stations. I listen to everything, music from classical to country, and I sometimes light on a news or commentary station. This afternoon my seek button found NPR, and they were interviewing some Israeli person. According to this person, on the wall that separates the Palestinians from the Israelis, the Israelis have mounted remote cameras to continuously monitor this border. Also mounted on the wall are remote-controlled machine guns, which the Israelis(mostly women, by the way) use EVERY DAY. Do you think that might have something to do with Palestinian "discontent?"

This sounds like a very effective solution to the problem of Palestinians entering Israel without "permission," and the Israelis feel much safer knowing about the wall and its "security devices." We could hire the Israelis to build just such a wall on the southern US border, and one day a week a meat truck could pick up the bodies of Mexicans who attempted to enter the US without permission. Of course, there's just one teensy problem. Would you really want to live in a country like that?



  1. Not really. What gets me is that illegal immigration has been encouraged by businesses who want to pay less for labor. America is so two-faced. Someone told me there were 20 to 25 percent illegals living here. They get their statistics from Rush--Limbaugh, not the band.

  2. Hi EOTR,

    Rush, the band, probably doesn't worry excessively about illegals in America. First, they're Canadians. Second, they're huge Ayn Rand fans. Rand was an illegal for almost a year after her visa expired. She married an American to be able to stay in this country. Think of all the potential, if only people here could get over the accident of geography that tars people with useless labels of citizenship.

    As for Limbaugh, couldn't we kick him out of this country?



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