Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Modest Proposal

Let's conquer Mexico and add it to the United States.

  1. We already swiped Texas to California from Mexico. Why not "complete the mission"?
  2. No more illegal alien problem. The second that all the Mexicans became citizens of a US possession, they would also become taxpayers. And since the majority of Mexicans are young right now, they can pay the Medicare and Social Security tab.  Is that great or what?
  3. We'd have a whole new cesspool of corruption and poverty to throw borrowed money at and "fix".
  4. While our troops are busy "defending America", they could take great vacations in some beautiful resort towns.
  5. I heard they have oil down there. Call Halliburton.
  6. It would add some really nice beachfront property to the assessor's tax rolls.
  7. No worries about "insurgents". The worst that could happen is that a pissed-off former Mexican might trim your bushes crooked on purpose.

I can't see any objections or negatives here. Politicians should jump all over this.


  1. Plus, just maybe I could actually find a decent Chile Verde burrito finally.

    Fucking Gringo assholes around here don't even know the difference between Chile Colorado and Chile Verde.
    Wait, I am a Fucking Gringo asshole.
    At least I know the difference.

  2. Hell yeah. I'm moving to Cozumel...

  3. Hi Busted,

    Yup, and you wouldn't even need a passport to get that chile verde burrito.

    Story time: On the job once, one of the guys, Roberto, was sharing some homemade burritos. My Anglo buddy says, "I'll try one of those." As he was chomping away, he asked, "This is good. What is it?" With a straight face and broken English, Roberto said, "Dick of the horse".



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