Sunday, October 10, 2010

Star Shots

Mrs. UC took some pictures this morning. This is a shot of the constellation of Orion. Click to embiggen.

A piece of our house in this photo of the star cluster Pleiades, the Seven Sisters. At this time of morning, it's almost directly overhead.



  1. Our recent ridge of high pressure/low humidity/clear skies has made star viewing much better around here this last week. But the lights of Corpus Christi still mucked it up. Still didn't hold a candle to the stars I saw when out at sea. I've never seen more!

  2. Hi Mayberry,

    You'd think that city folk would want to save some money on their electric bill, but nooooooo. They need their damn lights on all night to ruin the night sky. I'm about 25 miles from Laughlin, Nevada, which has casinos, so the sky to the north of me is ruined by light pollution. Fortunately, the rest of the sky is dark and filled with stars.



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