Sunday, October 3, 2010

Weekend Pics

Groan! UC is gonna give us another damn slide show! Clicking on these pictures will make them bigger, possibly.

This is one of the four burrowing owls that hang out at our place. Their nest is under this metal storage building.

I like contrast in pictures. Especially cloud pictures with lots of contrast.

Here in Arizona, clouds are in short supply. When we get clouds, there is almost a guarantee of a beautiful sunset.

Some purty clouds as the daylight slips away. Oh, and I might add some poetic bullshit about the mountains limning the deepening colors of a fiery sunset.

The coolest house in Arizona. Notice the coyote-proof enclosure around the director-of-security's executive washroom.

You were asleep, right? Wake up. I took this picture. I took it from Bartcop. Where he got it, I couldn't say.

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