Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sweet Land Of Liberty

Right Wing - Send the army to string up barb-wire, close the borders and shoot brown people. Then scour the land to find and deport "illegals". If a foreigner wants to move here, let him jump through flaming hoops of fire and speak impeccable slang English and look, act, talk, walk, and worship at the same church as any knuckledragger in America. Is it too much to ask a brown person, upon being stopped by the po-lice, to recite the Constitution backwards?

Left Wing - Let the illegals take part in the great socialistic experiment that is America. Let them enjoy free overcrowded government-indoctrination schools, 8-hour waits at hospital emergency rooms, the prestige of food stamps, government-subsidized slum-housing; and joy-of-joys, someday their citizen-children might realize the American Dream of being plundered just like a real American.

I lean neither right nor left, but at my own stylish angle. A man oughta be able to live any-damn-where he wants to on this planet, and anyone who tells him otherwise oughta get his ass kicked. There. I said it.

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