Thursday, November 11, 2010

Yo Dawg, We Heard You Liked Liberty

Tyranny is always and everywhere the same, while freedom is always various. The well and truly enslaved are dependable; we know what they will say and think and do. The free are quirky. Tyrannies may be overt and violent or covert and insidious, but they all require the same thing, a subject population in which the power of thought is occluded and the power of deed brought low.

Richard Mitchell

We hardly knew ye, Richard, and now you're gone.

One of the most damning things about freedom is its quirkyness. If you're not confidant in your ability to make it on your own steam, then freedom is a scary thought, irrespective of assurances from free market advocates that freedom equals prosperity. Does it? Maybe, but aside from the carrot of prosperity, wouldn't a quirky world be more interesting than dull, gray tyranny? Would a few safety nets mixed in with freedom strike an ideal balance between freedom and slavery? Nope, because there's never enough plunder to keep up with people who want to live at the expense of others.

America has a strange paradox. We need welfare, in all its multiplying forms, because we don't have freedom to earn a living. We need Social Security because we are robbed of anything we might save. We need Medicare because increasingly-rigid control of medicine has made it unaffordable. Ad infinitum.

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