Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Ben

I copied this from Alan at SnarkyBytes. I don't normally screw with YouTubes, but this one caught my attention, and ten seconds in, I was hooked.

Ben Bernanke is just a message boy for behind-the-scenes "powerful interests" who are playing us. And small point of clarification, the privately-owned Fed doesn't print money. The U. S. Treasury prints Federal Reserve Notes because having the taxpayers completely pay for the largest Ponzi-scheme counterfeiting operation in the world is hugely funny to the hidden owners of the Fed.


  1. I've loved that video since it came out. Pretty much brings it down to brass tacks!

  2. Hi Mayberry,

    I've been howling with outrage over the Fed for 30+ years. A Ponzi scheme that never ends.



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