Saturday, January 1, 2011

Officer Butterball Risks The Roadways!

From the Las Vegas Review-Journal:

"If they're not going to stop for me dressed up as a big, gold-and-orange turkey, they're not going to stop for a pedestrian dressed normally."

Officer Mike Lemley, Officer ButterBall

"It's just common courtesy. It galls me the most in the summertime when it's 130 degrees on the pavement. You're in your air-conditioned couch on wheels, and you can't do some poor schmo the common courtesy of stopping for him?"

Erin Breen of the UNLV Safe Community Partnership, a traffic safety advocacy group

OK, lessee, here's one o' them vector problems. 180 pounds at 2 mph VS 3000 pounds at 45 mph. From a purely scientific perspective, who should yield to whom? And if neither surrenders his ground, who is more likely to survive?

On a side issue, how much is Erin Breen paid for peddling her wares at the UNLVSCP? Who signs her paycheck, and from where did the money come from? Reporter sayeth not.

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