Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Dig

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When I was layed off three weeks ago I spit on my hands and started a project that has been delayed about 3 years because of job uncertainty, a 200'-long retainer wall on the south side of our turnaround drive. An unexpected return to work has interrupted this and other projects, but I expect to get back to them in another 3-4 weeks. So here's what's been done so far, starting with the dig.

Thomas Habermel, the best backhoe operator in Arizona, starts digging. That's me, standing there in supervisory mode.

Here I'm checking the grade with the laser stick. You can see the orange spray-painted line on the ground that shows Thomas where to dig. This retainer wall will look like the one in back of Thomas. It'll have the same rusting strips of steel embedded in the concrete wall--Mrs. UC's idea.

See the white "feathers" next to the footing? Those are a 1' offset to edge of footing. Those feathers used to be pink, but the sun faded them over time. I had put those feathers in over a year ago. If you noticed that the footing is not straight, then your powers of observation serve you well. The retainer wall is two long arcs.

After the dig, I compacted the earth at the bottom of the footing with this plate compactor, the "Whumper-Thumper". Noisy beast. Dig completed.

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